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Kasumi Ninja


For many generations, rumors have persisted of a small, well-hidden island known as Kasumi, which has produced the world's most renowned ninjas. With the help of the Preeminent Celestials, the island is kept shrouded in secrecy. An impenetrable wall of mist surrounds the island, making it undetectable to modern technology. Those who find the island uninvited, are never heard from again.

All your life you have trained hard in body and spirit at the only home you have known: the Dragon Cloud Temple on Kasumi Island. At the temple you are trained by the Elders, a group of three wise and powerful Ninjas. This group of Elders consists of Hiei, who embodies the lighter aspects of human nature; Kaioh, who embodies the aspect of indifference; and Gyaku, who embodies the darker side of human nature. This balance of good and evil is what keeps the portal to the nether world closed.

Using the blackest magic, Gyaku eliminated the other two Elders, throwing the cosmic forces out of alignment. When this happened, the gate to the demon world was blown open and Gyaku became possessed by the most powerful demon in the netherworld. With this power, Gyaku could destroy the Earth!

Your fate has been preordained by the Celestials to fulfill a great and terrible prophecy. You were told of this by the Elders when you were very young, and throughout your life you wondered what it meant. Now you are sure it is your destiny to defeat Gyaku, close the gate to the netherworld and restore balance to the universe.

The Celestials cannot help you directly, but they have blessed you with the power of absorbing other's abilities. To gain these abilities, you must defeat a variety of champions representing the best fighters in the world. They have been chosen by the Celestials to aid you in your quest. Only through persistence and perseverance, will you have a chance to challenge Gyaku.


This game is a 2D fighting game, and that is exactly what it looks like. The graphics look realistic, and are well animated. And are defiantly one of the games high points.


This is where most of the games problems come in. First off, the control is very sluggish, which hinders the gameplay (in my opinion) dramatically. Also, to do the special moves you have to hold down the C button, this can be very irritating. The control problems completely throw off the balance of the game, If the control was better this would probably be one of the top games on the Jaguar.


This game could have been great,but the control problems overshadow all the good points in the game.Overall this game -can- be fun, especially with two players. This game can be summed up in one word: average.

Rating out of 10:
Graphics: 7
Control: 4
Game Play: 6
Overall: 6