Baldies CD


Welcome to the world of the Baldies! As master creator of this universe it is up to you to use your supreme power, knowledge and skills to determine the fate of these cute, follicly-challenged folks. Will they build houses attack the enemy, protect themselves and invent contraptions? Or just create more Baldies? Use their resources and your imagination to build and live happily in a world safe for Baldies everywhere.


The graphics in this game are just simple sprites. They're not spectacular or anything, but they do get the job done.There are several different landscapes, buildings, and technologies which add some variety to the visuals. My biggest gripe in the graphics department is the cinemas; to put it simply, they suck.


For the type of game this is, the control is pretty good, considering it was designed for  the computer.


This game is fun, especially if you like strategy games. Although it does poorly when compared to computer games of the same type, for a console game it is awesome

Rating out of 10:
Graphics: 7
Control: 8
Game Play: 8
Overall: 8