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I am trying to build a basic FAQ for "Brutal Sports Football
for the Atari Jaguar" with help from other on-line folks.
Please post any additions or corrections to this FAQ here,
or (even better) E-Mail me so I can add to it. If anyone has
video capture or is a good artist, pictures of the power-ups
would be very useful for some people.

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This is what I have in version 0.5 - 9/28/94 (CIS seems to have 
screwed up my formatting):

Brutal Sports Football
for the
Atari Jaguar 64-Bit Game Console

FAQ version 0.5

I have had Brutal Sports Football for 2 days and I like
it a lot. I wasn't going to buy it because it didn't look
"64-Bit", and I don't normally like sports games. I broke
down and bought it when I finished Wolfenstein 3D and was
going nuts waiting for the "Magical, Wonderful,
October/November Games Orgy" <grin>.

Now that I've been playing Brutal Sports Football for a
little while I actually like it a lot. It reminds me of
Speedball 1 & 2 for the Atari ST and Amiga - constant
action, some strategy, and FUN! I wish the people around me
weren't too snobby or afraid to play video games; it looks
like a _lot_ of fun for 2 players!

The only gripe I have about Brutal Sports Football is
that you can't adjust the music/FX levels (just music
on/off) and that the manual STINKS. We can't help the music

thing, but we _can_ make a FAQ to remedy the manual problem.
So, here we go... and remember what the 'Teacher' says...
"jaguar Jaguar JAGUAR!"

Playing Tips:

1. Be sure to use the three 'formations' during play. Press
the '1' key for "Defense", '2' for "Normal" and '3' for

"Defense" (#1) allows you to 'pack' your half of the
field with your players (best for when you are looking
to hold onto a lead for a win).Use it when the opposing
team is heading towards your end of the field.

"Normal" (#2) is the multi-purpose formation. It offers
defensive & offensive positions, and is pretty

"Aggressive" (#3) puts your team in attacking
formation, pushing towards your opponents goal. It's a
very useful way to keep the opposing team busy while
you forge ahead. It also places several teammates near
the enemy goal so you can pass the ball and 'baffle'

* Continually changing formations can really improve your

2. Whenever your goalie has the ball - kick it downfield!

3. It usually helps to approach the other team's goal from
the side. The computer team passes a lot near the goal, and
passing near their goal seems to outsmart them. Also, you
can kick towards their goal, and when their goalie catches
the ball you can score by slamming him into the goal while
he's holding the ball! It makes him cry <evil grin>.

4. If you're losing by a wide margin, concentrate on wiping
out your opponents (GamePro Magazine).

5. The first player you should eliminate is the goalie. Once
he's gone, it's a lot easier to score goals (GamePro


The manual for Brutal Sports Football leaves a lot to be
desired. Especially for 70 bones! This area of the FAQ will 

try to outline any controls not mentioned in the manual, and
elaborate on the ones that _are_ mentioned.

Locker Room:

The Locker Room is where you can repair & improve your team
between league matches. Unfortunately the manual doesn't say
much about it. Here's some information...

1. You have 9 team members, but only 7 play in a game. The
trick is to use your 7 best men. The only exception is #1 -
he's the goalie so you need to keep him in good shape! When
you select "Locker Room" from the options after a league
game, you come to a screen with all you team members in
treatment chambers. Initially all players are selected, but
you can use L-R on your joypad to select individual team

First, find your best 6 guys besides #1 (your goalie). If a
guy is standing he's doing pretty good. If he's kneeling
he's 'hurting'. If he's got a bandage where his head should
be - it's not his day! You can also tell a players health by
looking at the red ovals next to his number. The higher the
red, the better off he is.There's also a green "Life-O-
Meter" above each players head (or where his head _was_).
The wider the green "Life-O-Meter", the better the poor mug
is doing.

Once you've found your 6 most promising players you need to
"fix 'em up". Use the L-R on the joypad to select a player
(he becomes highlighted). Then use the 'B' button (or 'UP')
on the joypad to close the treatment door. Once the door is
closed you may select one of the three treatments. The Cross
means 'Health', the Jagged Line means 'Speed', and the
Helmet means 'Cranial Reconstruction" (for headless cases).
One tip: After your first match, the last two players are
still in perfect health because they haven't played yet. Use
them in the next match if you need to.

The best thing to do is fix up your goalie first. Next, work
your way down the other 6 candidates, giving them a little
more health at a time until either they're all healthy or
you run out of money. If you still have money left, or if
you don't want to use it all on repair, you can make your
players faster. It's best to start with the goalie.

While repairing your players you can use the 'A' button on
the joypad to select a player for the next game. Selected
players have a red light above them. Be sure to keep your
goalie in the game!

Once you're happy with your selections use the L-R on you
joypad to center the selector (all players are lit). Next

use 'Down' twice, until you see 'Exit' appear. Press 'B' to
return to the previous screen.

Well, that's all I've got so far. Please write me to add to
this FAQ; I'll mention all contributors. You can reach me

Internet =
GEnie = head.trip
AOL = headtrip_x
CIS = 74214,565



Did I mention that the manual sucks?