The following is from:

 Volume 1, Issue 2 JAGUAR EXPLORER ONLINE July 1, 1997

Towers II Hints by Vince Valenti and Jag Jaeger

1. How do you unlock the gold doors on the first level?
Custodians have the responsibility of cleaning up all of the rooms in the tower. Try talking to them about keys. If they don't respond to pleasantries, well you know what to do next!

2. I am wandering around the first 3 levels, and I can't go farther?
In the throne room, behind the gold doors, is a locked secret door. No key will unlock that door, but there is something in that very same room that will.

3. I'm on the 2nd level in the chain room, what order do I pull the chains in?
One of the thieves gives you a hint on which chain to pull first. You know what chain to pull last by looking at the punctuation of the phrase on the scroll. Then it's just a matter of finding out which order to pull the other two chain levers in. Remember, it's a poem. If you make a mistake, you can always pull the reset chain, and try again.

4. There are 3 Iron Golems, guarding an entrance, that I can't kill! How do I get past them?
Those Iron Golems are pretty tough. In fact, chances are that nothing you possess right now can even hurt them. So, our best advice it to leave them be; at least for now.

5. Is there a trick to getting rid of the boulders in the Earth Elemental Room?
The four plates on the floor act as combinations to open up all the passage ways, two steps at a time.

6. What do you do with those tornado looking creatures (Air Elementals), they are not affected by anything?
They are made of air, everything goes through them. You need to find a spell that can affect air. Talk to the thief, down a pit, in the Earth Elemental area. You know, Earth Elementals, those creatures with no legs that hit really hard! Don't forget to make sure you have a way back up the pit, or you'll be trapped just like the thief.

7. How do you remove the sword from the boulder in the Fire Elemental area?
You must talk to another thief, this time down a pit in the domain of the Air Elementals.

8. I fully charged the Mace, but there is a door in the Water Elemental area that I can't unlock!
When you teleported into the library, there was a scroll that talked about the mishap on the upper levels, and how it was resolved. It read in part, "...Using the Mace, I have sealed the only exits to those floors. The Mace of Elements, which alone can unlock the door, has been drained..."

9. I have been eliminating the creatures in the undead level, and I have come across several Bleached Bones. What do I do with them?
These bones are the remains of the council members of Lamini. You must find a way to bring them back, so that you might gather some information from them. The scribe mentions foul green liquid that Daggan used to raise the dead. Find it, and bones will be no more.

10. I am finding pieces of a sword, what do I do with them?
There are three pieces of the Holy Sword, which you must mend. Sir Mordred makes reference to the "raw energy" that was created by Salvon as he tried to break free of his imprisonment. This energy can mend the sword.

11. Niniane keeps asking for a diamond, black pearl, and bloodstone. Where do I find them?
Back in the Elemental's domain, there are diamonds and pearls with the Earth Elementals and Bloodstones with the Fire Elementals.

12. I made my way to level 8, and I have not been able to progress further. What do I do?

You must be struck by two forms of energy to unlock the secret door. The only place where this can occur, is the same place where you activated that energy. Then you must find the secret door, which is marked between lights.

13. How do I open the gate on level 8, after the secret door?

Jared has the key. Did you revive him?

14. Salvon does not seem affected by anything that I possess. How do I get rid of him?
Salvon cannot be hurt by anything, except the Holy Sword and Aura of Death. You cannot advance until Salvon is banished once again.

15. I just passed Salvon, when I came across an Iron Golem. I can't seem able to pass him, the door behind him is locked and he seems difficult to kill.
This Golem is just like the ones at the entrance of the Library. Since he is made of iron, very little affects him. You must either use the Rust Sword, found from the scribe on level 6, or lightning to damage him. The plate will open the door, but you are too light to trigger it. The Golem must be killed on the plate to keep the door open.

16. How does one unlock the door to gain entrance into the treasury?
You don't! The treasury is just a red herring.

17. Around the perimeter of level 9, there are streams of lighting coming toward you, how do you get around it?
You must talk to the Marlands on this level and trade an item that will help you along. Several of them will offer you something in exchange for an item, or a favor.

18. There is a secret locked door on level 9 that I cannot get into. How do I open the door.
You have to first get a key from one of the Marlands, on the level above. He is not easily accessible, and he is behind a secret door.

19. I gave this Marland one of the two crystal balls, and he gave me a rainbow key, what do I do now?
That rainbow key is how you gain access to Daggan's secret office on level 9.

20. Some Marland keeps rambling about tests in the Library. What tests? What library?
Back down on the third level there were 3 Iron Golems guarding a door that you could not open. Well now you should have a spell and/or weapon to get past them. But, before you go down there, you will need 3 bronze keys. One is in Daggan's office, another is held by the skeleton in the undead levels, and a thief is holding one down a pit in the lower levels. The 4th key is held by one of the very golems guarding the entrance to the library.

21. I am on the top floor of the tower, and my path is blocked by a blue door and eight chains. What is the combination of these chains?
One of the Marlands on the 10th level talks about that floor being the key. Well, that floor is the key to these chains. There are eight boxed rooms that correspond to the eight chains on this level. You must find out which chains to pull.