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Q: When are you going to update your site?

A: As soon as possible. Things are going slow around here 

lately as we're really cracking down on our first game.

Q: What are the names of the games you are developing for 

the Atari Jaguar?

A: Well, we've scrapped one title for the Jaguar, which is the 

game called Gunfight Max, as the graphical requirements for 

the game are too large. And the other ones we're working on are 

called S.A.I. Corps, and a still-unnamed 2D fighter.

Q: What types of games are they?

A: Well, the 2D fighter's a 2D fighter (hard to guess huh?) and 

S.A.I. Corps is a Command & Conquer-style game that also has 

alot of humor in it. It's about the S.A.I. Corps, which is an army

of small animals and insects (S.A.I.) running into a quarrel with 

the P.P.K.O. (Pesky Pet Killers Organization).

-Thanks, I hope we've given you as much information as you wanted.

Band In The Box Entertainment

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