Area 64: Codes

These Codes were submitted by Mike Gilliard



NAME: Kill 'em All

CODE: 343665262343, entered on Gameplay screen

HOW: Not quite sure, but it is given after beating levels 93-99. I did this in one shot, and then got the code. It may be helpful to note the Patch92.bin file from is necessary to bypass level 92 of Gauntlet.

WHAT: This code entails that every ship in every mode begins the round with that ship's max amount of lasers (i.e. 87 for the Ajax Supership), 99 stasis bolts, 99 plasma bolts, 99 fireballs, 6 mines and 25 missiles. This includes the Ejected Pilot, when selected on the ship select screen (!). Start Gauntlet at a level above 50 or so, else the game will hang if using the Pilot.

Also, when you eject from your ship during gameplay, the pilot now has 99 fireballs in addition to the 16 laser shots. This gives more of a fighting chance to an otherwise futile situation.


NAME: Custom Delivery

CODE: 925479687463

HOW: Again, not quite sure, but I think this code is given after beating level 100 of Gauntlet. I ran 99-102 and then got it, so...

WHAT: Enables "Ship Adjuster" option on the Main Menu screen. Selecting this yields a screen similar to the Ship Select screen, except "Credits 00 [infinity symbol]" has replaced the ship name. The ship here is determined by what ship was last chosen for gameplay. One may increase (but not diminish) the various attributes of all ships. Exiting the screen will save the changes, and the modded ship may now be used in gameplay. The problem is that the Turn Rate is always zeroed upon saving the ship, so the craft cannot turn, and has a difficult time spinning as well. As Thunderbird stated on JI, the code is a remnant of a feature planned for AAtE and Battlesphere modes of gameplay, but never implemented. Hence it is an essentially useless code, though fun to watch.