Alien vs. Predator Maps

This is a complete, cross-referenced set of level maps for the game Alien vs. Predator for the Atari Jaguar. The maps include connection details between levels and airducts, the locations of all security cards and other items, and required access levels for security-locked hatches.

The level maps are also imagemaps. Click on an airvent to move through it into (or out of) the connecting airduct. Click on a security-locked door to find the security card required to open it.

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The levels

Or maybe you're just looking for that elusive security card...

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A note about copyright: The actual level layouts are probably copyrighted by Rebellion and/or Atari. My graphical renditions of same herein, and the text of these pages, are Copyright © 1995-97 Scott Bigham, but may be used freely as long as credit is given.

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And of course, if you find any errors in any of the maps, please contact me at the address below. See the change log for a list of changes to date -- and the people who pointed them out (thanks, all).

Last update 25 Nov 97

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