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By: 4-Play

Story: 800 years in the future, the galaxy is in turmoil. Each of the seven known races has exploited and polluted its own homeworld until the colonization of new planets has become a necessity rather than a choice.

Where borders meet, conflict erupts. No race is completely blameless as the warring escalates to culminate in the destruction of a million worlds and the slaughter of a billion sentient beings.

Habitable planets are rare, however, and the leaders of the races realize that if hostilities continue, it will be impossible to survive on any world.

Sheer panic motivates a quick solution: No longer will the seven races wreak unbridled destruction throughout the galaxy; instead, all hostilities will be confined to the Battle Sphere, a small, closed region of space to which each race will send its finest warriors.

The triumphant race will be allowed to colonize freely; each of the remaining races will be confined to its original, dying homeworld forevermore...



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