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Club Drive


In the year 2098, where do you go on vacation? Club Drive, of course-the most exciting theme park of the 21st century,

Club Drive was opened just after driving was once again legalized. Driving had been illegal for safety reasons far more than 50 years, until Doctor Lawrence Phosphorus’ breakthrough discovery.

In his distributive processing study involving safety and smart material, the doctor developed algorithms that could be mathematically proven to be safe. Thus the driving ban was lifted these indestructible vehicles, and Club Drive was born.


The whole game is composed of shaded polygons ,no texture mapping at all, as far as I could see, and the polygons are also very blocky. The fame-rate doesn’t drop to low, but overall the graphics actually ends-up hurting the game play.


Compared to Checkered Flag this game controls wonderfully, but that isn’t saying much. The control is a little loose, but is manageable.

Game Play:

In the gameplay department Club Drive scores better than in the other two, but still isn’t on par with other racing games. The two-player mode is pretty fun, but slow-down keeps the excitement-level down. Overall this is just another sub-par racing game.

Rating out of 10:
Graphics: 3
Control: 4
Game Play: 5
Overall: 4