Dark Guardian Episode 1 Preview

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Dark Guardian is a 2D space shooter by OMC Games. Since I was not able to attend Jagfest I could not play the demo of this game; however, it looks very interesting. Here is how James Garvin of OMC Games described the game on OMC's Message board:

"...as far as gameplay is concerned, I don't know how to describe it. I guess it's similar to Time Pilot or Asteroids in that the camera is looking down at the playfield. At the moment, you have to press buttons to accelerate and decelerate and there will be a strafe button because I negated the weightlessness, but I might change that in the coming weeks. One thing to note, the game will be hard to play without a Pro Pad. Make sure you get one if you intend on picking up a copy.

The biggest thing will be that most capital ships will be to scale (or as close as we can get them). Which is why you see the ships so large. This might change at some point also if it begins to eat up too much memory."

-----------(in another post)

"...So basically you have a play field you run around in. The ships you see in the game shots are all either enemies or allies. I can't remember what shot it is that shows enemies, but I'll look that up. All things considered, the playfield is a decent size. Obviously not something you'd see on a PC or Dreamcast with lots of memory, but it's not bad..."

 If anyone who was has played this game would like to submit their impressions of the game you can e-mail me at heath@atarijaguar.net.

More Screenshots:

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Type: Shooter
Release Date: 4th Qtr 2001
Medium: Cartridge
Number of players: 1
Rating: Teen (13+)
Difficulty: Moderate
Genre: Sci-Fi

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