Krunch Force is made of the Krunch Korporation and FORCE Design and is working on two games, Gorf 2000 and Legion Force Jidai, this interview is focused on Legion Force Jidai, for information on Gorf see the preview here.

1. What is the background story to the game?

I don't want to spoil it for the JagCommunity. hehe

2. What graphical features are in the game?

Well, goes like the following:

3. What kind of game is it, first-person shooter, side scrolling. vehicle shooter, etc.?

It's not a first-person shooter, and it's not a vehicle shooter. That  only leaves umm...

4. When are you expecting to release it?

Now you should know not to ask me that!:) I will pretend I didn't read  this question.

5. Do you have a publisher?

Nope, I need a more complete package to show before I even think about  going to a publisher with it.

6. Could you give me some background information on your company.

Well, I started FORCE Design back in late 1995. What I do at my in-house company is I design graphics. Also, I am part of the KrunchFORCE.

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I would like to thank Terance Williams for this interview!

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