Atari Lynx Cheats

Area 64 Codes

Blue Lightning

Landing upside down:  

Upside down landings are allowed on level 6. Pressing Option 2 + Left or Right to perform a barrel-roll. Keep the plane upside-down and press Up while over an airstrip to land. After landing, the cockpit will open from the fuel tank and you may take off again by flying backwards. 

Bonus points:  

Activate the afterburners as you enter the canyons on level 4 to receive a "Gutsy" bonus of 30,000 points. Activate the afterburners again immediately before entering the second set of canyons to receive a "Lunatic" bonus of 65,000 points. The bonus points are added to your score after landing.

Level   Password  

1       AAAA  

2       PLAN  

3       ALFA  

4       BELL  

5       NINE  

6       LOCK  

7       HAND  

8       FLEA  

9       LIFE