Atari Lynx Cheats

Area 64 Codes


Sound test:

Wait until the first beep is heard at the continue screen. Hold Up + Option 1 while "9" appears on the countdown timer. Continue to hold the buttons at the "Game Over" and demonstration screens. Alternatively, hold Option + Up before the title screen appears. A demonstration mode with cycling colors and a new song will start. Use the D-pad to play game sounds. Repeatedly tap Down + Left to lower the pitch of the sound. Repeatedly tap Up + Right to raise the pitch of the sound.

View development team:

Hold Up + Option 1 when the screen fades to black before the continue screen. Continue to hold the buttons through the countdown sequence. A white dot will appear in the center of the screen after the countdown. Rapidly tap A, B repeatedly (or sweep the D-pad) to magnify the dot to a picture of the development team.