Checkered Flag
TYPE: Arcade Racing COMLYNX: Yes BLINK: No

WHAT: Fast paced Formula 1 racing

HOW :View is from within a cockpit of sorts, but with your car directly in
front of you. Side view mirrors to either side accurately depict any
following cars, and a simple instrument panel shows speed and an analog
graph of the RPM. The road display is a basic single lane that dwindles to
a point on the horizon, much like that used in Super Monaco et al at the
arcades.When turning the entire horizon shifts left to right or vice versa,
complete with trees and the occasional billboard. Up to six players can
link and play, but a total of ten cars can be on the track (the others
controlled by computer). A wide variety (18) of tracks are provided.
Shifting can be automatic or manual,with either 5 or 7 speeds. Shifting is
accomplished by control pad up or down.

SOAPBOX: A great competition game, either against the computer or fellow
players. Up to nine computer drones with up to fifty tracks makes for a
wide variety of difficulties. Several nice touches include scaleable Atari
ads on the billboards, and the ability to select the color of your car and
(this is original) the sex of the driver, which effects your reward at the
end of a race.Computer cars drive well, particularly after you pass them
(they never fall far behind). Rivals Warbirds in the Comlynx fun department
- I wish I could find five other players!