Chip's Challenge
TYPE: Strategy Puzzle COMLYNX: No BLINK: Yes

WHAT:Help Chip win the respect of Melinda by completing 144 chip puzzles

HOW : Chip is viewed from overhead, typically in a maze configuration.He
can see all parts of the maze.Basically,all Chip can do is move and pick
things up; by his actions he can cause many things to happen, though.His
objective is collect enough computer chips on each level to pass through
the chip gate. There are tens of objects in the game; basic blocks that are
immovable, blocks of fire, water, ice, dirt (can be moved around),
invisible blocks, magnetic ones that tug Chip along against his will,and
more.Mix these in with monsters, nasty ones and mostly harmless ones and
even a few friendly ones,and you have the building blocks of some fiend-
ish puzzles.If that's not enough, the clock is ticking, and the time you
have per level can vary from plenty to split seconds available.

SOAPBOX: Some will inevitably argue with my 10 rating on this game. But to
me, this is the perfect Lynx game. Simple in concept, but with enough
variety to provide for high replay value. Good graphics and sound,
excellent mix of strategy and reflexes. This game is original,well done,
and FUN.Since it was one of the original Lynx carts,it's often available
discounted. Buy it, it's worth it. Has the best "hidden feature" I've found
in any Lynx game: type MAND for a password and play with a very complete
implementation of the Mandelbrot.