Double Dragon

Review by John DeLuna
Everyone and their fat uncle knows all about Double Dragon. The classic beat-em-up that "inspired" other classics like Final Fight and Streets of Rage. Double Dragon started it all. It had everything you could ask for...great graphics, cool baddies, and even a cheesy story. So let's get that out of the way. It was just a normal and your brother were working in the ole garage and your hooker-looking girlfriend was just minding her own business. When suddenly she's kidnapped by a group of thugs!! And like they say on the streets, "It's ON brutha!". You and your brother embark on a two man rampage through the city streets, bashing everyone in sight. Your only goal...get back your woman. But enough about the story. The action is what DD is all about. In addition to bare fists and karate kicks, you can use any weapons you find along the way to bring down the gangsters. And yes, DD is pretty shallow. It's all fighting and non thinking. But who cares? Sometimes you just wanna hit someone in the face :)

GRAPHICS: The graphics in DD are unbelievably good, especially for the Lynx. All the characters are exactly the same size (in scale) to the arcade. And every character is included. The colors are well done, but for some reason the game seems "dark", like everything has a black film on it. Odd. Other than that, the game looks great. ***3/4

SOUNDS: The classic Double Dragon theme shines again. It's a dead-on perfect translation form the arcade. As are the level themes. Which are different for every level *and* every one is quite good. The sound effects are another story. The punches and kick sound exactly the same. Which wouldn't be a problem, except they sound horrible. They sound *nothing* like they should. Think of the sound punching a wet potato bag makes. Bah, forget I said that. Just trust me, the sound effects are BAD. **** Soundtrack ** Effects

CONTROL: Attack button. Jump button. Deal with it. There's not much to the controls in Double Dragon. It's a no brain, brawlfest. But, the controls you do have are well done. In addition to punching and kicking, you can also grab your enemies and give'em a few knees to the gut. Or just toss'em to the ground. My only complaint is in jumping. And this has *always* been a problem in the DD series. When you jump, you don't jump, you "float". You catch WAY too much air, and it takes WAY too long for you come down. This also make jump kicks almost useless. **3/4

REPLAY: On a console system, Double Dragon gets old very fast. Especially after you beat it. But on the Lynx, DD is the perfect game. The simple concept of the beat-em-up is great for when you wanna blow off some steam. ****

What Double Dragon sets out to do, it does *very* well. And overall I can't see any big flaws. Simply put, this game's perfect for portables. The lack of a password or continue system doesn't hinder it. Every level is around four minutes in length, with five levels total. And with concentration, each can be completed without losing more than one life. That's a perfect difficulty setting. And there's nothing left to say. Execpt...get this game!

Reviewer's Score: 9 / 10