TYPE: Adventure COMLYNX: No BLINK: Yes

WHAT: Rescue the President's daughter, kidnapped by an evil robot

HOW : You are electro-cop, a computer analog brain running a powerful
mechanical body. Since you have hyper fast reactions etc, you have been
selected to rescue the President's daughter. The C-pad moves you around, A
fires, B will make you jump when running or squat when standing still. You
have the ability to run side to side or front to back. Occasionally you
will find doors, or corridors, always front to back - when you run through
these the screen scales that level closer, and you are on it.You can also
see the level you were JUST ON in a sort of outline mode as a light white
overlay.This is helpful if you have to run backwards,because you will see a
robot before you run into it.View takes some getting used to, but is unique
and makes good use of Lynx capabilities. Various power ups are to be found,
mostly for more firepower. Computer nodes will help open doors and give you
information- including three small "hidden" game programs. Door
combinations are always the same. You have one hour to rescue the princess,
real time. There are a wide variety of enemies.

SOAPBOX: Surprisingly, I still haven't finished this game. I keep loosing
my list of door combos. It's fun though, and fast paced. Give it a try.
This is another one of the original four, so look for it cheap.