Gates of Zendocon
TYPE: Side scroll shoot COMLYNX: No BLINK: No

WHAT: A side scrolling shoot-em-up reminiscent of Scramble

HOW :The average gamer knows the controls for this one before he even sits
down to play it. The C-pad moves around, B fires your laser, and A
activates a limited time shield. Holding B will continuously fire the
laser, but pushing it on and off quickly will also drop slightly more
powerful bombs.There are 51 levels to blast through plus a hidden level.
Opponents are too varied to list, but be assured they have different
characteristics, so there is a minimal element of strategy involved in how
you fight particular opponents. There are also, of course, a variety of
power ups in the form of "friends" you can find to aid you in your combat.
In all you can have four friends around your ship, which makes you quite a
blast center.

SOAPBOX: We all know the drill on this one. Everybody involved in video
games has played a shooter. Gates delivers on several fronts; neat
graphics, game play and frantic action. In particular I like the variety of
"enemies" - there is one level where you fight growing crystals, one where
you fly through an example of the Life pattern, etc. The hidden level
contains faces of the designers of the Lynx and the game. There is a lot of
attention to detail in this cart.Good as a thumbbuster shooter.