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Type: Shooter
Orientation: Horizontal
Number of players: 1
Gates of Zendocon
Review by John DeLuna
Have you ever seen a game in a magazine that looks so awesome, so cool, you couldn't wait to get...but when you did, it turned out to be dud? I have. And Gates of Zendocon is one of those games. GZ was one of the Lynx's first games, and as such, was pushed wherever the Lynx was sold. If you were lucky enough to find a Lynx advertisement (they were all but non-existent), you were certain to find a few GZ screenshots. And for time, GZ's graphics were very good. They were certainly enough to sell many on the game. Like me. But, alas, Gates of Zendocon has some of the most boring gameplay on any Lynx game. That's something no graphics engine can help. Combine that with a complete *lack* of power-ups or options and Gates of Zendocon is a game to avoid.

GRAPHICS: Even though this was one of the first four games released for the Lynx, it's graphics are quite good. They are, however, considered the weakest of the "first four".(Which were ElectroCop, California Games, Blue Lightning, and GZ) The enemies in GZ are dull and unispired. I can't tell if there mechanical or organic, they just look like blobs. And there's only three different bosses, who are recycled during the levels. The only difference being their skin coloring. Whatever. **1/2

SOUND: The sound effects in GZ are awesome. Good explosions, and zapping laser beams make up the majority of effects. The background music is another story. The theme to Gates of Zendocon is the *only* and I mean ONLY thing you hear. It plays constantly through the game. On the start screen, and on every level. It's a good tune, but this is a joke. **** Sound effects. * for the lack of different music.

CONTROL: Just like every other vertically-scrolling shooter in the world. One button controls your lasers, and the other, when held, produces a shield around the ship. Nothing complicated, and you can pick it up easily. As far as your ship moves around the screen at just the right speed. Your ship has an acceleration rate that's just enough to dodge most enemies. And yet, you never feel as if you've lost control. ****

OPTIONS: This is a *big* problem. Shooters are famous for their awesome weaponry. GZ has NONE. No power-ups for your lasers, no super bombs. Nothing. Which means this sucker get's old FAST. *

REPLAY: I can see where the programmers tried to add this. You see, the "gates" in Gates of Zendocon are actually warps. At the end of each level there are up to three gates that you must choose from. Depending on which one you enter, you'll be transported to a new level. Which means, if your lucky, you can warp your way to the last level in a few minutes. But since there are around 100 levels, taking the wrong gates can have you going in circles. It's a great idea. But without any neat weapons, or diverse levels, what's the point? **

Well, Gates of Zendocon was great idea. The gate-system was genius. And, in the right game, it would have been GOLD. But the lack of detail of options sends GZ down in flames. You just can't have the same level over and over. And a shooter without big-time weaponry is unheard of. Lack of fundamentals people. It'll crush a game everytime.

Reviewer's Score: 6 / 10





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