Gauntlet III
TYPE: Dungeon explore COMLYNX: Yes BLINK: No

WHAT: A top view dungeon exploration, with lots of monsters and levels

HOW : Gauntlet 3 only very superficially resembles the arcade Gauntlets; so
don't buy it on the assumption they are alike. They are both top down view
and multiple players with different fight/magic characteristics,but that's
about where it ends.There is actually more depth to Gauntlet 3 in many
respects; there are many more potions; lots of different character classes
to choose from (the Robot is the best in the long haul).Controls are what
you might expect - C-pad moves (diagonals work) and A fires. B activates an
inventory view, which allows you to use, drop or just look at items you
carry. 3/4ths of the screen is an overhead view of the dungeon,to the
bottom left is a unique first person view of what you are approaching (for
instance, monsters will appear in close up here during combat) and to the
bottom right are your vital stats. There are secret doors, keys, potions,
gold, and other goodies spread throughout the game.

SOAPBOX: The only quibble I have with Gauntlet is that it is too easy, even
though it's quite large. I beat it in four days, but that last game was
long. There is no password feature. It gets VERY easy with multiple
players, and it doesn't have a high replay value, since nothing changes
from game to game. The "plot" is pretty weak, but at least the levels have
a fair amount of variety.