Hard Drivin'
TYPE: Driving sim COMLYNX: No BLINK: No

WHAT: Polygon-rendered driving simulation

HOW : View is from within the car when driving. Two methods of control are
available, one with automatic transmission (C-pad steers) and one with
manual shift, which requires the use of the Opt1 and Opt2 buttons for
up/down shifting. After wrecks, a non-controllable replay view of the wreck
is shown. B button accelerates. There is one course with two loops - the
speed track and the stunt track. The speed track allows high MPH but has
little excitement, the stunt track features loops, jumps and inclined
turns. Faster lap times are to be had on the stunt track, assuming one can
handle it.

SOAPBOX: Hard Drivin' is a total dud.I was fairly addicted to the arcade
version- it's high resolution polygon graphics and tactile feedback were
revolutionary.The Lynx version preserves none of that, and is so pathet-
ically slow it makes you wonder why Atari ever let it out of the gate. I
have to believe the machine itself is not at fault here, but rather the
program. If the frame rate were higher this would be an ok game, but the
difficult control in shift mode and slow as molasses response kill it.
Don't buy this.I mean it. Did I mention that the control is impossibly
touchy on steering? Avoid this game like the plague. Nada. Do not buy.