Review by John DeLuna can I, or you, forget? Games like Joust, Centipede, and Donkey Kong are why we're here today. They introduced many of use to the videogame world. And kept us coming back for more. Today, games like Joust are even *more* important. They show us that games don't need 3-D graphics, or a techno soundtrack to provide *endless* hours of enjoyment. That being said, let's talk Joust. The rules are simple (they always are in great games), you're a knight, of sorts, and you've entered an "underworld" a kind of hell. But unlike today's games with their bazookas and pyro effects, you battle the hordes of hell by jousting. And, instead of horses, you ride a giant, ostrich-like bird. The only way to defeat your enemies is to strike them with your lance. But, you must strike *above* their lance in order to win the joust. Once defeated, the warrior's bird returns to the form of an egg, which must be collected before it hatches. If does hatch, another warrior emerges to seek your demise. What Joust amounts to is a game that's part strategy, part action game. God...this game rules.

GRAPHICS: Graphics aren't the point. Gameplay is. But the graphics get the job done. Your character is animated well. As are your opponents. The lava that flows below each level bubbles with life. In fact, Joust is an arcade-perfect translation. Which is actually a disappointment. Since the Lynx is capable of a *lot* more. ***3/4

SOUNDS: Arcade-perfect. The nostalgia this game brings with it is amazing. Your right back in that dark, sleezy pool hall of your youth. There is no music, just the flapping of your bird's wings, and the "pings" of colliding lances. It's beautifully simple. ****

CONTROL: This takes practice. It's very realistic...your bird drifts to a halt while in flight, and you really have to pull on the reigns to make her stop. This goes double when your on the ground. As your bird acually has to speed up and slow down whether it be running or flying. The only catch...contolling your bird in high-speed flight is next to impossible. Of course, high-speed flight isn't a good idea. ***

OPTIONS: Two options. Depending on what button you press at the start screen, you can select between two, different colored birds. Not much choice. But it's something. **

REPLAY: I've had this game for almost ten years, and I'm *still* playing the darn thing. The gameplay is so addictively simple, you never tire of it. And that's the mark of a great game. ****

Well...there's what makes a classic. Joust will never die. Heck, you can still find Joust machines today. And those things are well over 15 years old!! That says it all. When you play Joust, you're reliving history. And the Lynx version is a perfect translation. Long live the king.

Reviewer's Score: 10 / 10