TYPE: Tetris action COMLYNX: No BLINK: No

WHAT: Catch falling tiles on a moving platform,and then attempt to stack
them in special scoring configurations.

HOW : Klax is a sideways-viewed game (you hold the Lynx with the c-pad
either at the top or bottom of the display). The playfield consists of a
top section which is a conveyor belt 5 spaces wide, down which will flop
colored tiles. You have a tile holder in the middle of the screen which can
hold up to five tiles, and can flip them back onto the conveyor or drop
them below, into a 5x5 grid. Completing certain configurations of tiles
will result in points and the tiles disappearing. The most basic winning
combination is three tiles in a row, vertically, diagonally, or
horizontal.Much more complex winning structures are possible, e.g. a 5x3
"X". You have a certain quota of Klaxes (winning combos) per level.Some-
times levels will have special requirements,like the aforementioned X,to be
completed before moving on. The further you get, the faster the tiles come
down the belt and the more complicated the winning conditions.

SOAPBOX: I love this game. It's loads of fun, can be understood easily, and
is easy to get into in a short time. It requires both fast reflexes and
quick thinking for high scores, and features good graphics and
*spectacular* sound to boot. This is *the* demo for Lynx stereo sound, so
hook it up into your amp and crank it.