Review by John DeLuna
As another reviewer deemed KLAX as the game that showed up on every system at once. At that's so true. With exception of the "next generation" systems, KLAX has shown up on virtually every format. And why not? It's a great puzzle game. But for some reason few gamers know anything about this gem. It simple slipped by. So what is KLAX? Well it's part Tetris, part Connect Four. The game field is a series of five conveyor belts. Rolling down each beltway are colored tiles. And as they fall off the beltways it's your job to catch them and then drop them into one of five columns. The point? Well, you must line up at least three tiles of the same color, either horizontally, vertically, or in a diagonal configuration. When you do so, the tiles disappear and you're awarded a "KLAX". To pass each level you'll have to get a certain number of KLAX's. And some of the later levels require only certain "kinds" of KLAX, like "Get 12 Diagonal KLAX". So what's to stop ya? Well like I said, you've gotta catch those tiles *before* you can lay them down. If you let them drop, you'll get a strike. Three strikes and game over. Also, the five columns at your disposal can only hold a certain number of tiles. When you run out of space...game over. It's an intuitive game. And easy to pick up. But like any good puzzle-based game, you keep coming back for the mental challenge.

GRAPHICS: KLAX ain't exactly a fireworks show. There was no flash in the arcade version, and so a perfect translation was the only acceptable result on the Lynx. Well...it's perfect. The tiles are bright and distinctly colored. And slowdown rarely occurs, even when the screen is FILLED with tiles. ****

SOUNDS: No real soundtrack to speak of. Just the KLAX opening theme, which is also played at game's end. During the game there's only the sound of the tiles flip-flopping towards you. Part of me wishes there was at least some kind of background music, but in the end I'm glad they left KLAX silent. It leaves you to focus *totally* on the game itself. **1/2

CONTROL: Well the only thing you control is the "hand" that catches and drops the tiles. So there's not much to rate. The hand does control nicely though. You'll have no problem zipping back and forth across the screen. ***3/4

OPTIONS: What?! Moving on...

REPLAY: This is what puzzle games are all about. KLAX can only be called "addictive". It challenges you like Tetris did. There's just something fundamental that keeps you coming back. BUT, the ending to the game is *very* dissappointing. I understand that the focus of KLAX is the game. I really do. But the complete LACK of an ending is awful. I won't spoil it for you. Who am I kinding...there's nothing to spoil! Let's just say, enjoy the ride. Cuz the ending stinks. You've been warned.

Well...besides that little flaw, KLAX is great game. Fans of Tetris will *love* this title. In addition the the great brain-busting gameplay, KLAX is one of the few games to turn the Lynx "on it's side". Meaning, to play KLAX, you've got to flip the Lynx sideways. This was the only way KLAX would look right. And once you adjust, you'll hardly notice. This game get's a thumbs up.

Reviewer's Score: 9 / 10