TYPE: Mario clone COMLYNX: No BLINK: Yes

WHAT: PacMan must safely escort the princess through ghost-infested areas

HOW : The princess is under Pac-Mans hat (don't ask). As with most plat-
form games, the c-pad is directional, and the button jumps. Pac-Man has no
weapons to speak of. Pressing the control pad twice in succession makes
Pac-Man run, most of the time required because of a time limit on each
level. Fruits will appear along the way to gobble up, and the occasional
power pill from the arcade will make an appearance, at which point Pac-Man
can go chasing after and eat the ghosts trying to get him. The challenge is
mostly getting timing right for various jumps and weaving your way between
threatening ghosts.

SOAPBOX: This game bears no relationship to any of overhead perspective
Pac-Man games from the arcade. Mario has a new set of clothes, in other
words. Unfortunately the Pac-Meister just doesn't bring off Mario very
well; Pac-Man doesn't have a lot of variety or replay value.The graphics
are simple, true to the Pac-Man tradition, but don't have the neat
intermission scenes. This game has none of the strange appeal for me that
Scrapyard Dog did, for instance. I don't like it; maybe you will.