TYPE: Scroll & "shoot" COMLYNX: No BLINK: No

WHAT: Deliver papers on the toughest street in town

HOW : A good conversion. You see a 3/4 perspective of the screen, with
scrolling from top to bottom. The objective is to deliver papers to your
loyal subscribers, and do willful destruction to non subscribers.You can
carry ten papers at a time, and launch them with either A or B. C-pad left
or right steers, up accelerates and B brakes.Since you must stay on your
bike, you cannot come to a full stop.Time is limited,so moving fast is
preferred. You have many more papers than you need, so you can take a few
extra and break a window here and there in a non-subscribers house, or bean
an innocent pedestrian.If you finish a course perfectly,you will gain a
customer; customers are lost by missing a delivery. At the end of each
level you face the fanciful "paper boy training course", where you must hit
bullseyes with papers and jump over ramps.

SOAPBOX: Well,it IS a good conversion.While this game plays well and has
decent control, it just doesn't cut it for me. The sound is hopelessly
annoying,which probably has something to do with it.It's not a bad game,
but it's not a great one either, so I put it in the middle of the pack,
ratings wise.