Review by John DeLuna
Paperboy is widely considered one of the cornerstones in gaming history. And only those who have yet to play it would question that statement. With all the glitzy technology of today, it's virtually certain you'll *never* see another game like Paperboy. It's a game that goes beyond looks and instead offers *the* most important part of any videogame...pure fun. The story is simple, your a paperboy for the local newspaper. Whose about to embark on his first day. The only objective is to deliver papers to every subscriber and, in doing so, keep your job. Sound simple? Fortunately, it's not. Along the way you'll have to dodge cars, lawnmowers, and crazed dogs. Oh, and can't come to a complete stop, which really spices it up. How do you deliver papers? Toss them as best you can, preferably in the mailboxes, but the front porch is fine. And breaking a few windows of non-subscribers is encouraged! Hey, they should've payed up. Anyway, if you don't get enough papers to the people, they'll cancel their subscription. And that means a pink slip for Paperboy, and a big "Game Over" for you.

GRAPHICS: The best looking Paperboy available on any portable. It's even on par with the 16-bit versions. Everything is bright and colorful. The houses of subscribers and non-subscribers are clearly marked. And you enemies can be spotted a mile away. But that doesn't make avoiding them any easier. ****

SOUND: Paperboy was never big on sound. But what sounds it does have are very good. The buzz of the lawnmowers, the honk of car horns, and the CRASH of a breaking window are all superb. And the classic Paperboy theme is unmistakable. ***3/4

CONTROL: The inability to stop takes a little time to get use to. But once you master it, Paperboy controls with no problem. Everything is about finess and touch. You've to dodge obstacles, contol your speed, *and* deliver papers all at the same time. And the controls never fail. ****

REPLAY: Tons. On the portable Lynx, Paperboy is perfect. There's such a sense of satisfaction getting through that first week of you paper route that you just want to keep going. ****

Is there any doubt that Paperboy is a virtual immortal? I think not. This is what gaming is about. It's ALL about the gameplay. Of course, good graphics and sound are a plus. And the Lynx comes through with both. This is a MUST own for any gamer. Paperboy has made to almost every system ever made, so there's no excuses. As for the Lynx's absolute perfection. No other Paperboy can match this combination of looks, gameplay, and portability.

Reviewer's Score: 10 / 10