Review by John DeLuna
What to you do you get when you make a bad conversion of a bad game? You get a mess. You get Pit Fighter. Now, before we delve into the Lynx version, let's take a look at it's arcade form. Pit Fighter was, essentially, an attempt to make the "bar-room brawl" into a videogame. You, and up to three players, fought it out with thugs of all sorts. No ring, no rules. Just a rabid crowd to form the barriers. And everything was fair play, if a chair was lying around...bash it on someone's face. Sounds fun doesn't it? Especially when I tell you that Pit Fighter sported digital, Mortal Kombat-esque graphics and sound. Sounds durn fun, don't it? Well think again. PF is best described as a "sloppy mess". The graphics are choppy. The sound is vague and confusing. And the characters bland and uninteresting. Remember, this is the ARCADE we're talking about. In fact, Pit Fighter was, justifiably, a flop. So why would they put this thing on the Lynx? Don't ask me. It should have been obvious that even the Lynx wasn't powerful enough to pull of PF's digital graphics. It should have been obvious that the Lynx couldn't handle all the characters. But they didn't listen. And what we got was *terrible*.

GRAPHICS: Hey the graphics look pretty good, if they don't move. Cuz once they do, it's a sprawling horror. The frame rate is unbelievably bad. It's unwatchable, and the lack of color is almost as bad. Everything looks like it was washed in browns and tans. Yuck *

SOUNDS: I defy you to translate anything coming out of this game. Every sound is a garbled mess. I'm not even sure there is music in this game! It's that bad. Just grunts and screams. Then again, you wouldn't expect much more coming out of a sleazy bar. *

CONTROL: This is a joke. It's not that the control itself is bad. It's the graphics. Like I said, the frame rate in Pit Fighter is unbearable. And it makes controlling your fighter *impossible*. You can't tell the difference between a punch and kick. Let alone where you are on the screen. *

REPLAY: You've got to be kinding me. This is a nightmare. I gaurentee you'll develop pure hatred for this game in under two minutes. *

Well after that I need a cold shower. Seriously...why did they bother? This is not, and I repeat NOT what the Lynx is about. There's only one game in the history of the Lynx that's worse. But that's another review ;) As for Pit Fighter...it was an average game, at best, in the arcades. Take away half of the animation, run the sound through the ground and you expect people will like it? Please.

Reviewer's Score: 4 / 10