TYPE: Destruction COMLYNX: Yes BLINK: No

WHAT: Take the role of a movie monster, destroying a city

HOW : View is from the side with horizontal scrolling. You can use the
c-pad to move your monster around, and when beside a building up or down
will climb the building in that direction. Pressing A will either punch a
building, grab a human to eat, or destroy a tank/helicopter depending on
the timing (whichever is right in front of you). You have a limited amount
of health against an almost unlimited amount of human opponents. Luckily,
eating humans and some potions restore your health. You have to be careful
of what you eat, however,because some things that you uncover in the
buildings are bad even for a monster. While you are climbing and destroying
buildings, sometimes humans will plant a bomb on the building to try to
hurt you - you can either jump down and throw the bomb away or jump off the
building as it disintegrates.Multi-players can either fight each other or
play a cooperative game.The object? Find the technician at the end of the
game who can cure your condition-you may be a monster now, but you used to
be human!

SOAPBOX: This game is a hopelessly infantile release of hostile energy.I
love it.It is very like the arcade, with slightly different graphics and an
additional monster (a rat). Easy control and very funny Comlynx play,
especially when you give up on cooperating.