Review by John DeLuna
Ah the Lynx...the tragic tale of a system with unlimited potential, brought down by it's maker's stupidity. But that discussion is for another place and time. Yes, despite an untimely death, the Lynx did produce some of the better portable games in recent memory. And Rampart is at the top of the list. It's a game with a simple premise...you are in charge of protecting a series of castles from incoming invaders. The castles are located on the shore line, and the invaders come in the form of cannon-bearing ships. Get the picture? Your defense is offense baby. Your battle is separated into "rounds". You begin with two or three cannons which you arrange inside the walls of your castle. When the round begins you fire as many cannonballs as you can at the enemy, sinking as many ships as possible. But the ships fire back, of course. And their cannonballs tend to make a wreck of your castle's walls. Between rounds it's your job to rebuild those walls with pieces that the computer randomly gives you, tetris style. If you don't close-in your walls, and "re-seal" your castle, you lose that castle. And if you don't have any castles protected by the start of the next round, you lose the game. *Whew* I think I just reproduced the entire instruction book from memory ;) Anyway...

GRAPHICS: The Lynx was *far* superior to the Gameboy. And was capable of near 16-bit quality. Rampart definately shows off the system. Everything is colorful and distinct. Plus, there's *nice* scaling on the cannonballs' trajectories. ****

SOUND: Man, if every Lynx game sounding this good Gameboy would be dead. Seriously. The opening theme is classic medevil fare. And the announcer yells "Ready, aim...FIRE!" with a English accent!! Wonderful. ****

CONTROL: There's not much to control in Rampart. Just the crosshairs of your cannons, and the building blocks of your walls. Nothing major. And it's all controlled perfectly. ****

REPLAY: Now this is what I'm talking about. Rampart is so thourghly addictive, you'll play for hours. Literally. There's a real sense of satisfaction sinking ships and building massive, fifteen-cannon castles. ***1/2

What are you waiting for? A Lynx will cost you less than $50. Rampart will cost you $10. Good gawd man, how many games/systems can give you such quality playtime for so little? Rampart is definately a must-have for Lynx owners. And it's the kind of game that make non-Lynx owners *seriously* regret what they've been missing.

Reviewer's Score: 10 / 10