Road Blasters
TYPE: Combat racing COMLYNX: No BLINK: Yes

WHAT: Fight evil Death Squad cars in a post nuclear war road rally

HOW : View is very similar to that in Checkered Flag. You see your car from
slightly above and behind, sitting on a road that diminishes to a point on
the horizon. The c-pad up and down accelerates or brakes, left or right
steers, and A fires your laser. Periodically a jet will drop a special
weapon for you, which you can catch and then use with B. The object is to
shoot enemies that can be destroyed (blue cars can't be by conventional
weapons) as accurately as possible,as bonus multipliers are given for
accuracy. You must also be careful to conserve your fuel,which depletes
rapidly. Luckily there are fuel globes on the course that you can pick up
and use.Other obstacles include mines,gun turrets on the side of the road,
and helpless motorists who don't appear to understand there is a death race

SOAPBOX: This game has great graphics and sound, but isn't very easy to
control. This was one of my favorites in the arcades, but I just can't get
the hang of the pad to steer, so it keeps the game from getting high marks.
It is extremely well done however. If you already have Checkered Flag you
might want to think twice, or vice versa,because they have many
similarities in play,the exception being you don't kill people in CF. Watch
out for the motorcycles.