Review by John DeLuna
RoadBlasters is a rare accomplishment. It's a good game that was made for the sole purpose of advertising a toyline. There aren't many games I can think of that were successful as both a game *and* a toy commercial. But RB comes through. So what were RoadBlasters? Think HotWheels with weapons. And what is RoadBlasters the game? Think OutRun with guns. In fact, you might confuse the two at first glance. But RB is *so* much better than OutRun, in terms of replayability *and* graphics. In RB your goals are simple, destroy as many enemies you can and beat the course in the time allowed. Destroying baddies ain't a problem. You've got some impressing-looking cannons bolted to the roof of you equally stylish car. Beating the time limit *does* get tricky though. Especially in the longer, later stages. But, for some reason, the action doesn't seem intense enough. And RB feels more like a racer than a combat game. Not that it's a bad thing. RoadBlasters is a solid game, no matter how you look at it.

GRAPHICS: Arcade-perfect. The Lynx powers some heavy stuff. Your car along takes up a third of the screen! And it's superbly animated. As are the "laser beams" that your cannons spew. The sharp resolution makes spotting far off enemies a snap. And since your going 200's good idea to spot stuff down the road. ****

SOUNDS: Could've been better. Or, more accurately, there could've been MORE. There's only one theme song in the *whole* game. And NO music during the stages, just the sounds of roaring engines and burning lasers. Nice stuff, but the game's just too quiet for an action racer. **1/2

CONTROL: Good, tight controls are a must for a racer. And RB comes through. Like OutRun, your control over acceleration and deceleration are limited. So your main focus is steering left and right. Of course you don't *have* to steer around most obstacles, you can blast'em. And aiming your cannon shots are simple, even at high speeds. ****

OPTIONS: None. Zippo. RoadBlasters as a direct arcade port. So it's all action baby. *

REPLAY: The combat element in RB is what keeps you coming back. Even though it's a little too light, there's just enough action to keep things interesting. Which is good, RoadBlasters would have *never* made as a stand-alone racer. ***

RoadBlasters was a pleasant surprise. The gamemakers could have easily spit out a piece of junk. And it would have *still* sold the toys. But they went to drawing board an produced a game that's good enough to stand by itself. RoadBlasters boasts great graphics, good action, and an overall satisfying ride. Today's toymakers should take note the next time they throw us a sorry excuse for a game.

Reviewer's Score: 8 / 10