MANUFACTURER: Atari PLAYERS: 2 STEREO: ??? Rating: 2 (3.4)
Type: 3-D Pong COMLYNX: Yes BLINK: Yes

WHAT: Play pong/air hockey against an opponent in a 3-D field

HOW : Picture a zero-gravity cube, with you at one end and an opponent at
the other. You both have magnetic paddles that you can move in two
dimensions on your end, but not on the Z access (towards the other player).
A ball bounces back and forth. If you miss the ball with your paddle it
"splats" across your field of vision (maybe it's a tomato?) and makes it
harder to see. Sometimes there are icons floating in the middle of the room
that give you extra paddles, special characteristics like being able to
catch the ball, etc., and if you hit these with the ball then you receive
that special ability. The ball goes faster as time goes by. Winning a round
will give you a colored ball on a sort of large tic-tac-toe playing grid;
if you win several rounds in a row to complete a line on the grid then you
get more points. Thus there is minimal "strategy" (if you can call
tic-tac-toe that) involved in picking spots.

SOAPBOX: Until Hard Drivin', Robo-Squash had the dubious honor of being the
worst Lynx cartridge in existence. To complement its pathetic game play and
truly ancient concept (come on folks, Pong was the FIRST VIDEO GAME!!) it
has ho-hum sound (and really messed up stereo) and mediocre graphics. It
might be fun in Comlynx mode, but I've never found another person who
bought it. Not recommended at all.