TYPE: Arcade shoot'em COMLYNX: No BLINK: Yes

WHAT: Save humanity from evil robots bent on destruction

HOW : Another faithful arcade port, Robotron places the player, a lone
human with a big ray gun,in the center of a rectangular field surrounded by
various killer robots and some other humans.The object is to save the
humans (by touching them) and shoot the robots. The humans aren't harmed by
the ray gun,but the robots can kill them in various ways.The original
arcade featured two joysticks; one for movement and one for firing. This
version has three methods to suit different tastes;either the ability to
fire in the direction of movement/opposite of it;the ability to rotate a
continuous fire stream in a circle with A/B, or a permanently rotating

SOAPBOX: No question about it,the control schemes detract from the game.
After you pick one you can get used to it; but you'll never get the high
scores you did in the arcade.That aside, this is a fabulous translation,
with all the sounds reproduced exactly as they were in the arcade, and
graphics faithfully recreated as well. It's as if a Robotron machine has
been shrunk down and stuck in your Lynx. Two bad Shadowsoft didn't program
a two player cooperative mode for moving and firing at the same time, it
would have made this cartridge a 10 of 10. The only stereo effect is when
you get killed, as far as I can determine.