TYPE: Hack n' Slay COMLYNX: No BLINK: No

WHAT: Free the land from the evil creatures (hack n' slay)

HOW : Rygar was a fairly popular arcade game in '86 or so.Basically,it's a
left to right scrolling hack and slay. C-pad left and right moves,down
makes you squat down, A slashes and B jumps. You can jump on top of
critters to temporarily disable them. Levels are pre-defined,so repeated
play will teach you where to expect creatures and how to beat them.There
are a plethora of power ups; you can make your weapon stronger, double your
points for a period,get more time,destroy everything on the screen, etc.
Getting hit ONCE kills your character. You start with three lives, and can
get others with points.On each level you start with 100 seconds, but you
can often find time increasing power ups.

SOAPBOX: Rygar is not what you would call a complex game. As one of the
first in the hack and slay category, it is a classic to many people, and
those looking for a recreation will be well pleased by this conversion,
which does a good job of replicating the arcade game.Graphics are rather
plain (they were that way in the arcade), but there is some parallax
scrolling and a few other touches that make up for the bland colors.

Tidbit: Lynx games I'd like to see - Berserk, Moon Buggy, Gyruss (with the
great soundtrack intact!)