Review by John DeLuna
Rygar is an obscure title in gaming history. The vast majority of gamers have no idea what kind of game Rygar was, or is. And yet, many of those same gamers *have* heard of Rygar. Odd. But as with any game, Rygar has built a small group of devoted fans. And most of that fandom is built around the NES version. Which was, in a nutshell, your basic side-scrolling action game with a smattering of power-ups, 1-ups, and the like. The Lynx version is quite different. It's more a kin to the arcade Rygar. Which is the *rarest* version of the game. This means Rygar, on the Lynx, is heavy on action, light on story, and very repeditive. Still...Rygar is one of the Lynx's better titles. It offers solid gameplay, good graphics, wonderful sound, and above-average replayability.

GRAPHICS: Rygar was one the Lynx's "launch" titles. Meaning the programmers were still working out the kinks. But Rygar doesn't seem to suffer. Everything runs smoothly. Rygar is nicely detailed, as are the enemies he faces. Your inventory of items and your time limit are displayed in a nice, large font at the top of the screen. And the Lynx's full color palatte is used. Creating a game that just looks *good*. ****

SOUNDS: Rygar sports a very nice soundtrack. My only complaint is that every level uses the *same* theme. It's a nice theme, but come on!! ***

CONTROL: No problems here. The two button, jump/attack, system is in fine form. Rygar's primary (and only) weapon is a spinning shield. Which works like a yo-yo. Think Captain America. Anyway, it adds spice to the game and you'll get the hang of it in no time. ***3/4

REPLAY: As much as you could hope for in a portable action game. The limited memory of the Lynx shows in this area. All the levels are basically identical. And baby there are levels. 100 LEVELS. Don't worry, they average about 90 seconds each. But 100? Whoa mama. **3/4

Add it up and you can see that Rygar is a great game. If you like action-based stuff, there's not many titles that can beat it. And when you consider it's one of the *original* Lynx titles, it's stock only rises. A must but for Lynx owners. But the rest of you be warned...if your looking for replay or depth, you might want to look elsewhere.

Reviewer's Score: 8 / 10