Slime World
TYPE: Weird adventure COMLYNX: Yes BLINK: No

WHAT: Explore a world full of slime infested critters in search of gems

HOW :You are Todd, exploring the Slime World for Slime Gems. Todd has a
water pack on his back and a squirt gun - yes, you fight with a squirt gun
- that the aliens find deadly. He can move around via the c-pad, and fires
with A, jumpa with B.Opt1 cycles through special items or actions, and Opt2
executes what you selected with Opt1.You have by default a com- puter that
will map the area as you go along.You can pick up mega-bombs, cleansers
(turn slime infested pools into water), gun enhancements, jet packs, slime
gems (points), super slime gems (invincible) and some other items. If you
get slimed, you are injured, but you can clean yourself in the occasional
pool of water.If you are slimed too heavily you will die, and there are
aliens that kill you with a single evil red slime glob.

SOAPBOX: Talk about your original games, Slime World is it. This must be
the place where all aliens from horror movies come from,because they all
seem to have the gooey slime you find all over in this world.SW is loads of
fun to play, humorous, and has some tricky sections requiring quick
thinking on your slimy feet to get out of. Lots of options. Another MUST
PLAY with the Comlynx - especially with several other players. There is
reason this is being ported to other platforms - it's lots of fun.