S.T.U.N. Runner
TYPE: Action racing COMLYNX: No BLINK: No

WHAT: The player is a pilot of an ultra-fast tunnel traveling vehicle

HOW : STUN Runner is a faithful adaptation of the arcade (the author of the
arcade version has said on UseNet that he feels this it is an excellent
job). The player is propelled at high speeds down twisting tunnels, some
that enclose completely, some that are open with see through scenery.
Controls are simple: left, right, and fire. Some travelers of the tunnels
cannot be destroyed. Occasional helpful objects such as speed boosters can
be found, important in making time against the ever ticking clock.
Occasional not-so-helpful objects will be found as well, such as hover
craft that shoot at you and slow you down.

SOAPBOX: This is an _extremely_ fast game. One of the most enjoyable
aspects of the arcade version was the feeling of barely being in control of
the incredible speed of the vehicle,and that is well translated here.
Although the game is by nature repetitious, it has high replay value
because of increasingly difficult levels and different opponents or
obstacles. Sound quality is high as well, with some digitized speech, so
this is a good demonstration cartridge.