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Type: Arcade Racing
Orientation: Horizontal
Number of players: 1
S.T.U.N. Runner
Review by John DeLuna
Ah, S.T.U.N. Runner. You remember. The big, red, motorcycle-looking thing that graced every arcade and every Showbiz Pizza in the US. It was a good game in the was a fast, flashy racer. And games only lasted a few minutes. The prototypical arcade game. The Lynx is a *perfect* port, and that's the problem. What works in the arcade, doesn't work in a personal, portable system. If we're paying twenty bucks for a game, we want depth. We want replayability. *Sigh* S.T.U.N. Runner has neither. It's the supermodel without a personality. It's all flash and no substance.

GRAPHICS: Unbelievable. It's arcade perfect, if you can believe that. There's little to no difference between what you'd see in the arcade, and what shows up on the Lynx. The scaling and zooming are amazing. Everything is painted in vibrant colors that jump out of the screen. *****

SOUND: Again, arcade perfect. Right down to the announcer's "Welcome, S.T.U.N. Runner...". There's no background music, but there wasn't any in the arcade either. A good thing too...since the sound effect fly fast and furious. Background music would have only been clutter. ****1/2

CONTROL: Simple. The acceleration of your "pod" is computer controlled. So all you have to worry about is steering left or right, and shoot down obstacles with your lasers. ****

OPTIONS: None. Just like the arcade. Yay. *

REPLAY: Again, just like the arcade...there is *none*. There's absolutely no reason to play this game once you've seen the first four or five levels (which takes about three minutes). It's an arcade game to the bitter end. *

S.T.U.N. Runner is the greatest game you've ever played. For the first five minutes. It was designed for the arcades, you play once or twice, it blows you away, and then you move on. But on the Lynx there's nowhere to go. What they should have done was take the fabulous arcade port they had, and loaded it with options, power-ups, and for god-sakes a STORY. As it stands S.T.U.N. Runner is much a do about nothing.

Reviewer's Score: 6 / 10




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