Toki, Going Ape Spit

Review by John DeLuna
I'll give it to you straight. No matter how great Toki's graphics, on matter how catchy the music, there's nothing that can save this game from a getting a pathetic six out of ten. Why? Well, first, it has boring gameplay. But also because of it's story. Here it're a monkey. A cute, little monkey. Whose on a quest to defeat an evil spirit that's come to your jungle. Nothing terrible so far. But here's the part that turns me off...instead of tossing bananas, or using your monkey agility, your offense comes from spitting. That's right...SPITTING! Toki the monkey is a saliva machine. And there's even spit power-ups! Including the ever deadly DOULBE LUGIE OF DOOM. Most of you are probably saying "Hey what's the big deal John?". Well lemme tell ya...when I was around eight years old I went to the San Francisco Zoo. And *no* I didn't get spat on, but I did see many a monkey hock a big one. The most disgusting day of my life I tell you. And it's not just personal experience that makes me pan Toki. It's fact that spit is all they could come up with. Come now, I can think of a thousand better ways to knock off baddies. Add that to boring gameplay and you've got a game that sinks FAST.

GRAPHICS: Toki's graphics are superb. They're among the most vibrant in the Lynx library of titles. But graphics are just dressing. And, even though they can break a game, they don't *make* the game. ****

SOUNDS: The soundtrack in Toki is awesome. Cute jungle beats fit in nicely with the graphical setting. The boss theme is especially catchy. But the sound effects are down right annoying. The sound when Toki jumps is too high-pitched. It makes you want to turn the volume off. **** Soundtrack, ** Sound Effects.

CONTROL: I've yet to find a Lynx game without good control. And Toki doesn't break that streak. The jump and SPIT buttons are quick and responsive. There's even the ability to spit in FIVE different directions. Joy. And Toki moves at a nice pace. You never feel as if the game is lagging behind your commands. ***

OPTIONS: Toki's an action game, so options are out of the question. It's just "spit-o-rama". *

REPLAY: Well, like most action titles, once you beat leave it. Toki is sort of a fun ride that first time through. And you know, spitting on your enemies isn't *that* bad. **

You know...the more I think about it, the more I *like* Toki. And going back and playing this game in preparation for this review has only helped that. Despite that fact that I can't stand the SPITTING, Toki is actually fun the first time through. And after a while, you don't even see it as spitting, it's more like "fireballs". I'm not saying Toki's gameplay isn't generic and boring...cuz it is. But the first time through is quite enjoyable. And since most action games fall into that trapping, Toki's just one of the gang. Like I said, I was originally going to slap a six on this baby. But during the course of this review I've changed. Toki's an average game, bolstered by great looks. So I'm giving it a seven. Still a low grade, but not pathetic. If you want a good game Toki fits the bill. If you want something more, look elsewhere.


Reviewer's Score: 7 / 10