Turbo Sub
TYPE: Arcade sports COMLYNX: Yes BLINK: Yes

WHAT: The player pilots a underwater/air vehicle and blows things away

HOW : View is from within the cockpit of the Turbo Sub,a vehicle capable of
both flying and operating underwater, with the ability to dive or surface
at will. The distinction is more or less arbitrary, since the objective is
the same in either environment: shoot just about anything you see. The
c-pad is a standard directional, A fires an endless supply of shots, and B
unleashes the ever popular smart bomb, which the player can collect more of
over time. The horizon does not slant when turning, but rather moves right
to left or vice versa. Varying degrees of success will lead to more points,
which can be used to purchase armament at the end of a level. Two player
mode is basically a points competition.

SOAPBOX: TS is certainly fast paced and features some good graphics. If you
ever played Buck Rogers (the shoot 'em up) of some time ago, you've got the
basic idea. Move the display around and shoot everything, avoid the
immovable objects like pillars underwater.The idea of a sea monster that
could eat a submarine is kind of stretched, but it gives you more things to
obliterate. What TS is short on is replay value; especially if you already
own Blue Lightning, which is much the same game. Some nice graphical
touches (windshield wipers) make this a fun game to watch.