Viking Child
TYPE: Jump,hack,slay COMLYNX: No BLINK: No

WHAT: Run about and hack enemies, jumping to and fro on platforms

HOW : The c-pad moves Brian (the main character) left and right. A hacks
his sword, B makes him jump.There are various hills and moving platforms to
jump on and off.Some special items can be bought with gold found when
killing monsters. The special items are mostly weapons, selected in
rotation by using Opt2 and activated by using Opt1. A password feature
exists to resume play after extended play time.

SOAPBOX: This is a very basic hack and slay. While the graphics are fairly
well done and expressive (Brian looks comical when he falls, and the enemy
critters are discernible but not believable as armed turtles, etc) the
sound is strictly second rate and seems like it has mostly been recycled
from Gauntlet III. You can only program Mario so many times,and this game
offers nothing new that I can see over any of the other thousands in this
genre. Don't be fooled by the neat map on the back; this is not a thinking
game, but a mindless one. Lots of hacking and slaying, if that's your bag.