TYPE: Combat flight sim COMLYNX: Yes BLINK: Yes

WHAT: Fly in a WWI rotary engine prop plane, shooting down enemies

HOW : View is from within the cockpit.Pressing down B allows the view to be
changed with the c-oad; you can look out either side, down at your
instrument panel, or out the back. Release B and the c-pad is a standard
directional. There is no throttle control, but Opt2 can be used to turn the
engine on and off which sometimes allows for tighter turns. A fires a
stream of bullets. Options can determine number of opponents, their skill,
amount of ammo, how damage is assessed, and where you start the game
relative to your enemies. You have the ability to land to rearm,but you can
be shot while helpless on the runway.Limited terrain (mountains) exists and
extensive clouds provide cover.

SOAPBOX: The * is a caveat about number of players. With four players,
Warbirds is a 10 and can't be equaled. With 2 it's a 9,and with 1 player it
can be an 8 or a 7 depending on who you are talking to. As a flight
simulator it isn't very impressive;but it's running on a small handheld,
after all. As a fun combat game it is great, with good graphics but poor
sound (the rat-a-tat of the machine guns is more of a beep-a-beep). Most of
the arguments about this game, however, seem to be whether it's a must buy
or a really really must buy. Either way, you need this cart.