Review by John DeLuna
Before I even begin this review I'd like to explain my overall rating of 9/10. You see Warbirds is a WWI "dog fight" simulator. You know, the Red Baron and such. I gave this game a 9 because I'm *not* a fan of the genre. But this game is *so* good, it simply won me over. Still, I can't give it a 10 because there's always a piece of me that says "flight sims are boring". Wether that's true, or not, in your book is a different matter.

Now...Warbirds is the first, and only game I've come accross that can categorized as "too good for it's own system". This sim is so good on so many levels it's really a shame that only Lynx owners, like myself, got to play this gem. It's *that* good.

GRAPHICS: Absolutely amazing. The Lynx shows it's true potential from the start screen to the final battle. Everything is clear and sharp. The clouds scale and warp, just like real ones. You can look in all four directions (forward, left, right, rear), and every view shows your plane in proper scale. Even the animation sequence showing your plane landing and taking off is done beautifully. The graphics only slip when you come in very close contact with other planes. They tend to look *very* pixilated. But remember that your playing on a portable system my friend. ****

SOUNDS: The Lynx's stereo sounds shines. The sound of your machine gun "rat-tat-tat" and the hum of your engine only add the experience. The opening theme is cliche "Up, Up, and Away!!" stuff. But you only hear it during the opening so it's tolerable. ***1/2

CONTROL: Tons of it. You can two modes, arcade and simulator. In arcade mode your plane controls are tight and very responsive. In sim, your controls are much more finicky. Just like a real plane. You can also shut off your engine to achieve some *sweet* suicide dives. And there's no rail-system or anything else to restrict you. You fly where you wanna fly. ****

OPTIONS: More options than any portable flight game around. As I mentioned, you can choose between arcade and simulator flight control. You can choose difficulty, amount of ammo, even the number of enemy planes you take on. *****

Great graphics. Tons of options. Unbeatable gameplay. Even a guest appearance by the Red Baron. Warbirds had everything going for it. Everything but the system it landed on. No doubt the Gameboy could *never* pull a game like this off, but if it did, it would have been legendary. As it is, Warbirds will have to remain a hidden treasure among a proud few. :(


Reviewer's Score: 9 / 10