TYPE: Side view shoot COMLYNX: Yes BLINK: Yes

WHAT: Rid the space station of nasty phlegm spitting Xenos

HOW : Basically,this game is an early, unlicensed rip off of the concept in
Aliens. Luckily, it's a GOOD rip off! You (and possibly your friends) are
charged with the duty of cleaning up your space stations, which have been
infested with Xenos. You play one of many characters, each equipped at the
beginning of the game with a phasar (more powerful weapons can be found).
You get a side view of the station,with each segment coincident- ally one
Lynx screen wide.There are many segments to a level,many levels to a
station,and 23 stations in all.Translation:lots of aliens to blast. C-pad
left/right moves you in those directions, down makes you crouch and crawl,
up makes you stand up. A fires, and while firing you can adjust the angle
of your gun with the c-pad. B makes you jump, Opt1 throws bombs. A variety
of aliens exist, including the nasty and hard to kill Phester, who can be
played by another player Comlynxed!

SOAPBOX: One of the good early games for the Lynx,this conversion proved
that you can capture the essence of an arcade classic in a hand held.
Multiplayer options are great, especially with a human playing Phester. The
game is hard solo; I have yet to make it to the Mother Phester (anybody
that has,e-mail me and tell me what it is like).