TYPE: Maze action/shoot COMLYNX: Yes BLINK: No

WHAT: Eradicate the Xybots infesting a space station with your blaster

HOW : Xybots is another faithful arcade port. View is more or less first
person, although you can see yourself directly in front of your view.You
are in a maze full of Xybots, killer robots, and you must destroy them with
your blaster. You have a limited amount of energy, and loose it by getting
shot, using your "zap" (more powerful shot), or just by sitting around. You
may find energy boosts and keys to short cuts to help you on your way. A
fires your regular blast, Opt1 fires a "zap", and Opt2 shows you an
overhead map of the maze. The c-pad moves. Pressing B and c-pad right or
left will turn you in that direction,since you can have enemies on all four
sides.You can move while the map is displayed, but it's not a smart thing
to do. You can also pick up coins, used at vending machines between levels
to purchase various ability enhancements.

SOAPBOX: I never saw the attraction of this game, so I wasn't really
jumping up and down about the Lynx version. It's a good job though;
graphics are fine and speed is no problem. It may be too easy -the first
time I played I made it to level 16 and killed a Master Xybot on the way.
You wouldn't be able to do that in the arcades, certainly. Two player
Comlynx is fun but makes the game even more easy.