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Updated June 5, 2002


Information Source: Atari Jaguar FAQ
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Get your Phase Zero out...(Level Codes)

Posted by Clint Thompson ( on July 08, 2001 at 13:34:18:

Not sure if anyone else knew this
(apparantly not, else everyone else would have right?)
-and it's not in the jag cheats, yet anyway-

I just did discover how to do it last night while messing with the game for several hours.

Anyhow, Phase Zero hangs on level 5 and no one can get past it right?

Here it is:

Simply press any number on the numeric pad, hold and press pause (Red screen will light up) then let go of the numeric number 1st , wait a sec , then let go of Pause and your at that level. Fairly simple code, level 7 is pretty cool though! So is level 9~

I'm not sure if this will let you go on and beat the other missions(as I played level 7 for like ever but you get lost easy), but at least you get to check them out, they are kinda cool!

Also, I'm guessing either

a: There is a time limit, and when it is not reached the game freezes (for level 5) or

b: The correct order is not being taken to NAV's or

c: neither of the above and it's just a flash out horrid bug.

Anyways, enjoy the code! =)

Clint Thompson

Type: Action
Release Date: Now?
Medium: Cartridge
Number of players: 1?
Price: $50