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Current Development Team:

Carl Forhan

Protector is a 2D side-scrolling shooter in the vein of Defender, with updated graphics and sound. Carl Forhan has obtained promission to complete the game, and from the screens this game is turning out to be a winner. As of right now 90% of the game is complete.

Here's the lowdown of the features:



Jaguar's Domain

 The Protector Playtester Page

Item Status
Add graphics/AI for new enemies 50%
Enhance AI for several existing enemies 40%
Enhance hyperspace controls 100%
Add more sound F/X 60%
Add new background tunes 10%
Add more background graphics 80%
Redesign existing levels 40%
Balance the power-up/cost relationships 70%
Add power-ups 30%
Alter "shop" access 75%
Add ProController support 100%
Update credits 80%
Update copyright info 50%
Overall gameplay 40%

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