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This information can also be found at Storm Works Interactive.

This game is being developed by a small company based in Austin, Texas  known as Storm Works Interactive. Arkanna will be released on Cartridge/CD. You will have to use both the cart and the CD for the game to work. The actual game will be on the cartridge and the CD will be used for the audio. According to those who have played the demo(found here) this game is somewhat like Myst. The story as found on their website goes like this:

Well to sum it up shortly, Arkanna is basically a dreamworld in which the player has sliped into and the only possible way to get there is through your sleep, but once your there your stuck unless you figure out how to get back. And thats where the puzzles and mind bending . Tricks come into play that you have to solve in order to leave the dream world. But the cool part is that the body of the player resumes its daily life like it normally would but in reality the player is off in another world. so its kind of like a split personality.