Area 64 Reviews

Supercross 3D


This game has major problems when it comes to graphics. The courses are composed of wedge-shaped hills, which is odd because the most hills that I see are sort-of rounded. The look a little plain, but are okay. The biggest gripe I have is the frame-rate. I am not sure but it seems this game moves along at somewhere between 5-10fps. The frame-rate is so slow that it severely hinders the game play.


Like the graphics, the control had some big problems. Most of these problems have a lot to do with the frame-rate, it seems like you jump all over the screen.

Game Play:

This game could have been fun. I know I would have enjoyed this game 100 times more if the frame-rate was better. If you find this game for $5 or less it couldn't hurt to pick it up, otherwise forget.

Rating out of 10:
Graphics: 4
Control: 4
Game Play: 4
Overall: 4